1. Login to

2. After login go to "My Apps"

3. Click on "Create App"

4. Select App Type "None" and then click on "Next"

5. Give unique App Name and then click on "Create App"

6. Then re-enter you password and click on "submit"

7. Then click on "Basic" under "Settings" option and then scroll down and click on "Add Platform"

8. Then Select "Website" option and click on "Next"

9. Then add you website url and save changes

10. Then click on "Add Product" and select "Instagram Basic Display" setup

11. Then click on "Create New App"

12. Then "Create New App"

13. Then click on "Basic Display" under "Instagram Basic Display"

14. Enter your website url under

and then save changes

15. Click on "Add or Remove Instagram Testers"

16. Click on "Add Instagram Testers"

17. Add You instagram user Id and save changes (Note: For this you need instagram professional account)

18. Then open new tab and login to your instagram account that you have added as instagram tester in above step

19. Click on "profile" and go to "settings" option

20. If you have Option of "Switch to Professional Account" then click on it else you are already in Professional Account

21. Then select "Apps and Website" option and go to "tester invites" there you will find your tester request you sent in above steps

22. "Accept" that request

23. Again go to you facebook developer account

24. Then again go to "Basic Display" under "Instagram Basic Display" then scroll to "User Token Generator" and click on "Generate Token"

25. Login in again to the same instagram account

26. Click on Allow

27. Then check "I understand" and copy the token generated

26. Click on Done and now you have the Access Token to Add instagram to your Website

Note: The access token will get expired after every 30 Days so one needs to re-create it. For that Follow all steps from step no 23.